Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Smaller version of my 14 x 17 graphite drawing. My rendition of a licensed character by Tite Kubo.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Just a glimpse of one corner of my mind.....which has many "corners". lol
Anway, this was done with watercolors and ink. Fae

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Some watercolor portraits

Gold, Red, Blue and Violet.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wolverine - Animal

I hardly ever draw animals, so I was sort of proud that I accomplished this. I'm not usually adept at drawing creatures, but not only did I draw an animal, I also used my "homemade" charcoal. By "homemade" I mean, that I went to my woodburner, pulled out a few leftover coals, and used them, lol.

Madonna portrait: Older Work

I drew this picture back when I was in high school. I figured I would post it, because I always like this one.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Robot - Inspired by Chris Cunningham and Bjork

This is my first project that I have done for the Illustration Friday group. I joined the group quite some time ago, but I have only now learned how to get and use a blog. I was not quite finished with the final touches on this, but I wanted to make the deadline. My drawing is inspired from the Bjork video, All is Full of Love, directed by Chris Cunningham.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mother and Child

This was a picture I drew a few years back of me and my first born son, who is now 11. It was a project for an art group, and we had to use cool and warm colors.

Self Portrait 2

I prefer this self portrait to the other one. It was drawn from a photo taken of me one Halloween, when I painted my face with a Danzig skull. I had some difficulty taking a picture of it, due to it's size. It appears a bit crooked in this photo and seems to have taken on a strange, purple-like hue. It is actually black in color, and was drawn with graphite. The purple border was added later on via paintshop. For comparison, I am including the original photo from which I drew.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Self Portrait - Me and Whitney

I am not crazy about doing self portraits, but in life, you will have art teachers that make you do it, or groups that suggest it, so I guess I must comply. This was taken from a picture of me with my cousin's cat, Whitney. I was sort of hunched over, and snuggling her, but I don't know if I captured that quite right. I think maybe it looks like my upper body is just shortened. Oh well, I tried.

Whoppers! Yum!

Roots - Ben

This is a drawing from a figure drawing group that I belong to. Usually, I just draw the figure as I see it, but for some reason, this pose just seemed to make me think of a plant or something to that effect, like almost as if his body resembled a pot that would hold a plant. Normally a pot would have a base, but I wanted to show some roots as well.


Another project from a group, to draw a motor vehicle of any kind. I was never very good at drawing cars, but I gave it a shot. I don't think it turned out too bad. What I wouldn't give to own one of these........actually, just to even drive one just one time.....ok, I'll settle for shotgun. I just googled to find a photo of one, and took it from there.

William Fichtner as an Alien

I decided to start a blog so that I may participate in some of the art groups I have joined. It seems most people these days are using this method to share their work. I will start by posting some of the work I have done within the past year or two, and then hopefully, when I get time, I will post new work from group projects.

This drawing here was a Halloween project for a group I belong to, where we had to pick any celebrity and either change them into something else, or draw them in costume. I chose William Fichtner as my celebrity ( a superb actor), and made him into an Alien. The strange part, is that I finished this drawing not long before I found out he was starring in a new TV show called Invasion. I must say, though, he does not look anything like this on that show.